Popular Walks in the Cotswolds

Walking in The Cotswolds.

Walking is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing and impact free fitness activities, but that doesn't mean that everyone will be comfortable walking the entire Cotswold Way and that's why we design routes based on age and fitness levels.

Often when people self plan routes, they look at the map and set themselves impossible goals, only to find that they fall behind and miss accommodation markers, which then results in additional expenditure.

Our walks are all graded between one and five, one being the easiest and five being the hardest. Some routes change according to the seasons, but our route planners are constantly re-grading the footpaths to take seasonal change into account.

We can plan every possible route for you, short walks, medium walks and long walks, even stagger your walks so you can visit The Cotswolds regularly and complete the entire Cotswold Way over a month, a year, or even 5 or 10 years, the choice is yours.

Equipment Advice.

We would advise that all of our walkers take the following basic kit:

  • Walking Boots or Walking shoes.
  • Waterproof and Windproof Jacket or Anorak.
  • Waterproof over trousers or gaiters.
  • Warm hat and Gloves in the winter.
  • Sun Hat and Sun Cream in the summer.
  • Rucksack, if you are not using our luggage transfer service
  • First Aid Kit, a basic first aid kit should include items such as, Plasters, Antiseptic Cream, Sterile Dressings, Triangular Bandage, Safety Pins and disposable Gloves

Expert Route Planning.

Whether you are here to walk the historic Cotswold Way or one of our shorter routes, you simply can't go wrong using the maps we supply, plus the landmarks and route descriptions will ensure you are always on track.

Walking in The Cotswolds.

We grade our walking routes from grade 1 to grade 5. Grade One is the easiest and Grade Five is the hardest.

Medical Conditions.
It is very important if you are not used to undertaking any activities to seek medical advice from your GP, also if you have any medical conditions that could cause minor or serious illness, you must see your GP or Consultant prior to undertaking any kind of exercise.

Please note that we are not medically trained.

Cotswold Walking Holidays

Bespoke Cotswold Walking Holidays.

For a friendly and professional service call Deenie and the team on 01386 841966 to discuss your Cotswold walking holiday requirements.

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Cotswold Accommodation

Cotswold Walking Holidays Accommodation..

We provide a superb selection of accommodation offering everything from basic and comfortable guest rooms through to four and five star luxury.

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Cotswold Route Planning

Cotswold Walking Holidays with Expert Route Planning.

As an experienced walker, Deenie can provide expert route planning along with maps for you to follow during your walking holiday.

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Cotswold Luggage Transfers

Cotswold Walking Holidays, Luggage Transfers.

We can also arrange for your luggage to be transferred ahead of you, lightening the load and leaving you to enjoy the beautiful Cotswold countryside.

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Walking The Cotswolds
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