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Cotswold Walking Holiday Services.

Please view some of the feedback our customers have been kind enough to provide about our walking holiday services.


Cotswold Walking Holidays Customer Feedback

"I recently walked the Cotswold Way over 9 days and was lucky enough to find Walking the Cotswolds who organised my accommodation and luggage transfers. Deenie and Mark were amazing and really helpful in offering information, maps and advice. Deenie and Mark's accommodation was a perfect 3 night stay and Deenie's attention to detail is obvious.

The accommodation on the walk was well organised, as were the luggage transfers and everything worked perfectly. I couldn't speak highly enough of my experience and am so pleased I was able to find a locally based company. I would certainly recommend Walking the Cotswolds to anyone doing both a short or long distance walk in the area.

J and J C

Cotswold Walking Holidays Customer Feedback

"It's been a Fantastic walk, helped by perfect weather so thank you for organising it for us and for so efficiently transporting our luggage. It will remain in our memories as one of our life's highlights."

Mrs. W.

Cotswold Walking Holidays Customer Feedback

"Excellent overall experience, accommodation, maps and guide books. Good directions and our daily walking distances were just right. We would be happy to recommend Walking the Cotswolds to others."

Mr. D C.

Cotswold Walking Holidays Customer Feedback

"Excellent, our first night accommodation had beautiful views over the Malvern Hills. I would have no problems going back to any of the places, everywhere worked out well for our kids. The guide books provided very useful information about attractions to see along the way and the maps and directions were superior, we never got lost!

The pre-departure information provided everything we needed to know and was well documented, particularly appreciated the information about places to eat in the evening and when it was advised to book ahead for these.

The Luggage Transfer Service was superior, I've never used such a service before, it worked out better than I expected as it meant our kids had to carry little or nothing and it allowed us more freedom to stop and explore attractions along the way. Well worth it.

The daily walking distances were just right and it allowed us to walk at a very leisurely pace, giving us plenty of time to stop and explore attractions and visit pubs.

This was one of the biggest highlights of our visit to England. We are very appreciative that our trip could be organised at such short notice. I also liked the flexibility and responsiveness of your accommodation booking service to get an extra room in Chipping Campden so my father could join us. I am certain we could not have organised this trip without your help."

Ms. M B

Cotswold Walking Holidays Customer Feedback

"Overall excellent accommodation, which was well located, very comfortable and spacious and the food was amazing. We also received a lovely warm welcome from our hosts and generous provision of toiletries, beautiful towels and great information about the locality at our third night's accommodation.

We were provided with superior guide books, directions, accommodation itinerary, and overall experience and our daily walking distances were just right. The Luggage Transfer Service was brilliant and always at our accommodation when we arrived.

We had a wonderful holiday and it was so good to know there was back up there if needed. Thanks again to everyone on the first day when we lost our bearings, everyone was very helpful and patient. We realised the smaller scale once we got back on track and were fine from then. The B&B's were well located and comfortable with Oaklands standing out for the warmth, friendliness and generosity of the owners. We hope to return in the future to the Cotswolds and will be in contact then to arrange another wonderful holiday. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family. Thanks again."

Cotswold Walking Holidays

Bespoke Cotswold Walking Holidays.

For a friendly and professional service call Deenie and the team on 01386 841966 to discuss your Cotswold walking holiday requirements.

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Cotswold Accommodation

Cotswold Walking Holidays Accommodation..

We provide a superb selection of accommodation offering everything from basic and comfortable guest rooms through to four and five star luxury.

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Cotswold Route Planning

Cotswold Walking Holidays with Expert Route Planning.

As an experienced walker, Deenie can provide expert route planning along with maps for you to follow during your walking holiday.

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Cotswold Luggage Transfers

Cotswold Walking Holidays, Luggage Transfers.

We can also arrange for your luggage to be transferred ahead of you, lightening the load and leaving you to enjoy the beautiful Cotswold countryside.

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Walking The Cotswolds
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